At Queensland Steel House Frames (QSHF) we can help you increase your sales and profits. If you have customers asking if they can have a steel frame say yes. QSHF Steel House Frame System is designed by a carpenter for carpenters.

The Director, Brett Smith, is a timber and steel framing carpenter and has specifically designed the system to be easy to use for all trades. Carpenters will love how simple it is to erect frames, trusses and hip end system. Electricians and plumbers will find that it does not take any longer to do a steel house, with our per punched service holes

We have the easiest frame on the market to install. Single storey homes can be erected in one day. High set houses can be erected in three days!

At QSHF we offer a full installation service. This speeds up build times and gives you less hassles organising trades. Handy if you are building multiple projects at one time.

Discounts are offered to volume builders. Quick turn-around on quotes are offered and our helpful staff are easy to talk too. Our service and respect of your build is second to none.

Steel wall frames and trusses are light weight, straight and true (no warping or twisting). Your plastering setters will love it! They are fire resistant & termite resistant and engineered with the latest 3D modelling software for accuracy and strength.

We won’t let you down & remember… once you turn to steel, you’ll never go back.

At QSHF we produce a wide range of products and services to builders.

1. Supply Only

We are very happy to supply only your Steel Frames and Trusses. Your current carpenters whether they are timber or steel framing specialists will love our product.

They will find that they are erecting them with less tools needed than ever before and will also erect them faster than traditional products. Putting more money in their pocket.

2. Full Steel Frame House package

We erect steel frame house on your slab or our floor system.
You supply us with plans
Our estimating team will quote plans (usually under 48 hours)
Once you have accepted quote our professional drafts people will detail the plans using latest 3D drafting software
You confirm when slab or footing are going to be completed
We then manufacture your House Frames and Trusses using state of the art computerised roll formers machines (millimetre perfect)
You confirm you are ready for delivery
We delivers your Steel Frames and Trusses to site and our reputable carpentry team erect your Frame and Trusses.

Full installation package also includes installation of windows, external doors, bath hob and trimming out of garage for your roller door system.

We issue Engineering Certification Form 15

All this with no fuss to supervisors, other trades or you the builder.


Planning and development is iterative. Because we are constantly coding and testing,
the products we build are always ready to go live. This iterative process allows for
changes as business requirements evolve.