Truss tails engineered to support hang-on scaffolding


QLD Steel House Frames provide superior steel trusses that are both light weight and structurally superior compared to traditional truss options.  Like all of the QLD Steel house Frame product range, our steel truss systems incorporate advance engineering and design techniques. The precision within our innovative manufacturing process results in an easy to assemble truss system meaning you and your builders will be able to install our truss system with minimal effort and in less time than traditional timber trusses.

Qld Steel House Frames steel trusses have a similar profile to timber and can easily replace timber trusses for renovation or repair jobs, allowing for a seamless transition for builders. This is ideal for builders who are more familiar working with timber truss systems, but want the durability, reliability and design flexibility afforded by steel.

Our truss tails are engineered to support complete hang on scaffolding allowing for reduced site setup.

Another way in that our truss systems make for a more efficient build is by incorporating quality Intermediate Ceiling Joists that fix directly to the bottom truss, thereby eliminating the need to additionally install ceiling battens – saving you time and money.

We offer a comprehensive service with our fleet of trucks delivering ready to position truss system directly to your site on time.

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