Have your home built better, stronger and more affordably with a QLD Steel House Frame

  • Termite & pest resistant
  • It won't warp, rot, split or crack
  • It is straight and true
  • It won't catch fire
  • Superior to timber in strength, flexibility & cost effectveness

A good home needs
good bones

So before you choose the paint colour, the floor coverings or the roof – choose the frame that will hold it all together!

A Qld Steel House Frame is designed by carpenters, for carpenters. The precision within our innovative manufacturing process results in an easy to assemble end framing product meaning your builders will love building with our steel frames.

Ask your builder if they are using a Qld Steel House Frame

When choosing Qld Steel House Frames you are making a choice that is…

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A Stronger Foundation

Frames made QLD Steel House Frames will provide your family home with the durability to last now and into the future.

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A better finish

Being accurate in every sense of the word, QLD Steel House Frames will provide your home with a better finish with cleaner lines and a strong finish.

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Insecticide Free

Being steel we don’t need to treat our product with harmful insecticides which creates a safer, healthier home for your family.

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Fire Resistant

Our frames won’t catch fire and can assist you in building in the most s.everely rated flame / fire zones.

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A Better Design For Your Home

With a superior strength to weight ratio, QLD Steel House Frames can help you build more flexibly with wider spans to accommodate the most modern and versatile designs.

 Ensure your family home has the foundation for it to
last for years to come with a QLD Steel House Frame

Who Are QLD Steel House Frames

Why more builders prefer QLD Steel

House Frames

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  • Innovation backed by experience
  • Qld’s single largest steel framing supplier
  • Unique framing systems that are easy to use for all trades

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  • Seamless timber to steel transition
  • We issue an engineering certification with every frame
  • Unrivalled build support as needed

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  • Minimal training required
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Pre-fabricated offsite with pre-punched service holes for fast installation

Make Sure Your Builder Is Laying
The Best Foundation For Your Home

Will your home be built stronger and more affordably?

Will it be fire resistant and termite proof?

Are you giving your home the best foundation possible?

These are some of the questions you need to ask your builder and refer them to us id you want a home that will stand the test of time.


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