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Discover why more builders are turning to steel to increase the structural integrity, efficiency and profitability of their builds

  • Termite & pest resistant
  • It won't warp, rot, split or crack
  • It is straight and true
  • It won't catch fire
  • Superior to timber in strength, flexibility & cost effectveness

Strength in your builds mean strength

in your business

The Qld Steel House Frames


Founded by a tradesman, we know what is important to builders and a quality build, which is why we developed framing systems that align to the way that trades work. We produce superior steel framing solutions while simplifying the building experience.

Enhance your offering AND your


More and more homeowners are turning to steel (instead of timber) for the structural backbone of their homes. Our easy to use steel framing systems enables you and your build team to accommodate this change in industry with minimal disruption to operations and productivity.

Who Are QLD Steel House Frames

Why more builders/carpenters prefer Qld Steel

House Frames

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  • Innovation backed by experience
  • Qld’s single largest steel framing supplier
  • Unique framing systems that are easy to use for all trades

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  • Seamless timber to steel transition
  • We issue an engineering certification with every frame
  • Unrivalled build support as needed

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  • Minimal training required
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Pre-fabricated offsite with pre-punched service holes for fast installation

Seamless Finish

Perfectly aligned, every time. Our innovative swage system means no screws

protrude (no bumps) creating a better finish frame.

You choose the level of support

Supply only service
We deliver framing to your build site (no installation)
  • You contact us for a quote
  • Our estimating team will quote your project
  • Quote is accepted
  • We manufacture your frames & trusses using precise roll former machines
  • We deliver framing to your site
  • We offer support and resources to your carpenters/builders

Full service package
We deliver and erect the full house frame on your slab or our flooring system
  • You provide us with your plans
  • Our estimating team will quote your project
  • Quote is accepted
  • Our drafting team will detail the plans using the latest 3d drafting software
  • We work out logistics of when the site will be ready for install
  • We manufacture your frames & trusses using precise roll former machines
  • You confirm site is ready for install
  • Our experienced team will deliver and install your steel frames and trusses

Why we are the framing partner of choice for

Queensland builders


We provide the highest quality steel framing systems and we’re proud to boast our position as one of the best

steel frame suppliers in QLD – because we can back it up, every build, every time.

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Free Quote

Our obligation- free quotes are fast, concise and all-inclusive thanks to our time-honoured quoting methods.

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Quick Turnaround

Our tried and tested procedures and highly skilled & experienced staff get the job done safely and efficiently

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Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on the quality of our steel framing solutions and workmanship – because we can back it up!

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Our unique, precision manufacturing processes results in an easy to assemble framing product that builders prefer

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We provide a full-service steel framing solution with our very own fleet of trucks to get your frames to your site on time.

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We provide ongoing support pre and post installation, ensuring you are confident in the structural integrity of your build.


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